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Learn about life after graduating school. 


Staying Safe

Personal Safety The community is a great place to be, but it also can pose some risks. One set of risks is from accidents in the street. Getting around by walking or using your wheelchair is a healthy activity, but you need to be safe in public areas. Pay attention to traffic. Stay on the …

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Community Access

At Home A law called the Fair Housing Act says that landlords cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. This means that they cannot refuse to rent to you because you have a disability. Does this cover all kinds of housing? No, there are some exceptions, such as religious groups that rent, a home rented with …

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Spiritual Life

In your community and home, you have the right to decide and practice your own beliefs about religion and God. This is called spirituality. How you decide to practice those beliefs and to be active in the faith community you choose is up to you. For many people, this might mean attending a place of …

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Being Active

When you live in a community, it is important to be active in it. You can be with people for everyday needs, such as shopping, and also see people for events and social activities. This is being a pat of your community.  To be a part of your community, though, does not just happen. You …

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What Makes a Community

A community is both a place and a way of living in that place. When there is a group of people who see each other regularly, and interact because of some common factor, they are being in a community. There can be many kinds of communities, such as those that form around a hobby or …

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Getting Around

Different communities offer different ways of getting about. Cities and some small towns often have bus, train, taxi, and other transportation services. If you live in a place like that, it is important to learn how to get around using these things. If you drive a car, walk or use a wheelchair, learn how to …

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Family and Fun

Not everyone has family, but when we do, our family can be an important part of our lives. Also, when you get to know people in your community, you might form a friendship with others you enjoy being with. Such friends are also important, because we also share our life with them. We help our …

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Conclusion: Community Life 2

This ends our course on Community Life. Review some of the terms below. Click on each word to learn more about what it means.

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