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Learn about life after graduating school. 

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Support Needs for Home Life

Depending on your abilities, and your disabilities, you, like all young adults, will probably need help in making and running your home. This might include help with money, cooking, chores, rides to and from home, and other areas. If you need assistance for getting around or other physical needs, you might need a professional to …

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Making a Home

A home is not just a place to live. It should also be a place that makes you comfortable and happy. A house with no decoration, boring furniture, and bare walls can make you depressed. Your home should welcome you and remind you of the things you like. Your home is much more than a …

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Responsibilities at Home

Having your own home means a great deal of freedom in being able to choose how you live. But there are other things to consider.  Questions to Answer Will you be able to afford the expense of a home? Will you be able to manage meals? How will you do your laundry? How will you …

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A Home for a Young Adult

Most likely, during school, you have been living in a home with your family. For some people, this is where they would like to stay after graduation. But others would prefer to live in a home of their own. Why, because young adults usually like to be more independent. They like to have more control …

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Making a Good Life at Home

There are lots of things that go into making a good life in your home. This includes eating healthy, shopping for things you need, and taking care of yourself and your home. This means keeping yourself healthy and your home clean and neat. You also have to know about cooking, paying the bills, and making …

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Hygiene Good health requires taking care of your body. One of the most important things you can do in your home is to be clean: Always wash your hands before cooking. Brush your teeth after meals whenever you can. Shower or bathe regularly. Make sure your clothing is kept clean and you keep a neat …

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Living with Roommates

A roommate might be someone you like to do things with at home. When people decide to live together and share a home, they are called roommates. Having a roommate can be fun because you have company when you are home. It is also good for budgeting, because you share the expense of the home. …

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Home Safety

Keeping yourself safe in your home means you must have good safety practices and plans. Some things to think about are: Avoid using electrical appliances around wet areas, such as the bathroom. Make sure your home is free of clutter and use mats and rugs that are not slippery on floors. Use smoke alarms and …

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Cooking and Meals

Learning to cook can make a big difference in what you eat and how well you eat at home. Some people can make different dishes just by memory, or because they are easy to do. Other things might require following a recipe. Try answering the questions below and see how you do. You usually have …

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Healthy Eating

To eat healthy, it is a good idea to plan some meals in advance. Why should you plan meals ahead of time? This way, you will know what to buy and can budget to make sure you will have enough food that is good for you to eat every day. A healthy breakfast might include …

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