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Welcome: Money Management

Welcome to Learning about Money and Budgeting This mini-class will teach you some basics about money. We will look at banking, writing checks, using a credit card, saving, and spending. WHAT IS MONEY? CLICK TO FIND OUT! Money is for spending. Money comes in different amounts. There are coins, and for bigger amounts, paper money.  …

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Money Safety

Keep Your Money Safe! Unfortunately, the world is full of people who will try to steal other people’s money. They can be tricky. Here are some rules to remember. Click on each to learn more. 1. KEEP YOU PERSONAL INFORMATION SAFE! Do not give your money information over the phone or Internet to people you …

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Earning Yourself Money

Your income is all the money you earn from working or from other checks you get, such as from Social Security. Working is usually the most important way to earn money. When you have a job, your employer gives you a pay check and sometimes other “benefits” for the work that you do. Your check …

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Money Words

Here are some important words to know about money: Income is all the money you get from a job, family, or benefit checks you get. Expenses are what you spend. It is the money that comes out of your income to pay your bills. Savings are what you still have after you pay your expenses. You usually put …

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What are Banks? We talked about saving money. People used to keep extra money they had in a place hidden away in their home. But this is not really safe. Most people use a bank. You can take your paycheck there and cash it. You can save your money at a bank so it will grow, …

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Checking Accounts

A checking account is different from a savings account. In a savings account, you deposit your money because you won’t need it soon, and you hope to save up a bigger amount over time. A checking account is where you deposit money when you will need to spend it soon, for bills and other expenses. …

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Making Deposits

When you deposit money, you are putting money into your account. You need to fill out a deposit slip from your bank to go with the money to give the bank. Fill out the date, then write the amount of the cash you are depositing in the boxes at top right. If you are depositing …

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Keeping Track

Bank StatementsEvery month your bank will send you a statement (or provide you one on the Web if you have an online account). This lists all the things that happened with your account for the last month. Each deposit, withdrawal, or fee is called a transaction. The bank totals all the transactions, and then lists …

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Using An ATM An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) allows a bank customer to do their banking from the machine instead of going to the bank. These machines are often located in many different spots, like stores, malls, and outside banks on their sidewalk.  They are open 24 hours, which means you can get money or deposit money …

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Setting Goals Money helps us reach our goals. In fact, making money is the biggest reason why many people go to work. Think about everything you want to do or to have in your life. Then ask yourself how much of it could be done without money. Most of us are not rich and have …

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