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Why Work for Yourself?

There are several advantages to having your own business: You can create a job that matches your abilities and interests. A successful business might mean making more money than working at a job. You can have what you need for accommodations, workplace, and hours – you don’t have to ask your boss or negotiate. You …

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There are also some risks to working for yourself: You must have a good business to make money. In other words, just because you are starting a business doing something you like to do, doesn’t necessarily mean that your business idea is a good one. If not enough people buy what you sell, your business …

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Weighing Pros and Cons

“Let’s see how you do! Try these questions and answers to see if you are a good candidate for starting your own business.

What Kinds of Businesses?

There are as many kinds of businesses as there are people. Here are some examples: Taking care of lawns Doing research on the internet Doing stitching, sewing or embroidery Childcare Cleaning and polishing cars Selling your art or craft Or anything else – legal of course – that you can do that people want and …

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How Businesses Succeed

It is hard to know why some businesses succeed and some do not. But we do know there are some things that are important for a businees to do well. Click on each to learn more. YOU MUST FIT THE BUSINESS. If your business involves dealing with people, it is important that you be the …

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Businesses Need Good Help

It is very important for a new business owner to have others who can help you. Here are some things to think about: HOW TO FIND CUSTOMERS. Just because you have something to sell that people might want doesn’t mean those people will find you. You have to be able to let people know you …

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What Is Self-Employment?

There are different ways to be employed and make money. You can work for an employer, who hires you to do a job, then pays you wages. Or, you can work for yourself in your own business. To make money, you can sell a product (a “thing”) or a service (something you “do”). What you sell …

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