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Get a Job Test

Instructions for Taking the Post-Test

Read carefully before beginning.

Logging In

When you access a Post-Test, you might first be prompted to log in. You can login using the controls in the top right section in the header.

Taking the Test

Begin by clicking on “Start Quiz.” Select an answer for every question. This starts the timer. The test ends when the timer is finished. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.

Save Your Answers

Click on the Save Answer button at the bottom of each question to save your answer, otherwise it will not be entered.

Just recheck the Save Answer button if this occurs until your answer is saved. Do not skip this step.

Submit your Test

Click on the Submit button to have your post-test scored. Before submitting, make sure all answers have been saved. Saved answers have a checkmark next to them under the timer.

Test Results and Certificate

The quiz results will be available in your Profile. Click on Courses -> Results section.
A passing score is 70. (The question table lists the points each is worth.)

Passing scores will automatically generate a certificate which can be retrieved from your account profile once you click on “Finish Course.”

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