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Developing Social Work Skills

Job success isn’t limited to just getting things done using your skills. It also means you must get along with coworkers. Besides making the workplace pleasant, getting along with others is needed to get help with your work from people in your workplace.

When workers don’t get along, they not only lose each others’ support, they can become angry or upset during work. This means you get less done, making your boss unhappy.


Here are some important social skills. When you have finished reading these, go on to the next pages by clicking on the page number at bottom right.

Respect others property and personal space

Don’t touch or take what doesn’t belong to you and don’t go into places where you aren’t invited.

Appropriate talking

Talk about acceptable subjects and respond to what people are saying or asking.

Follow directions and cooperating

Always try to do things they were you are told by your supervisor.

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