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Dress for Success

Specifics for Women’s Casual

Pants/Skirts: Women can wear casual pants or skirts. For the most businesslike appearance, pants should be tailored. A knee-length skirt is preferable although a long skirt may be considered.

Shirt/Sweaters/Jackets: In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices for women. A tailored jacket may also be worn.

Shoes and Hosiery: Closed-toe shoes, sandals which are neither extremely dressy nor extremely casual are appropriate. Regardless of what is in style, avoid extreme. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes. Hosiery should be considered with skirts.

Cologne, Cosmetics: Be conservative with perfume and makeup; when in a confined space, even a little perfume may be too much (particularly if someone is allergic), so consider not wearing any. Nail polish should be a light shade or clear.

Hair: Styling should be simple and should not distract you from your focus on the interview.

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