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GLADD – Talking with Doctors


Since you are a young adult, you need to be able to communicate with your doctors and other health care professionals. Many young people have found the GLADD approach to talking with health care professionals to be very helpful.

Give – Listen – Ask – Decide – Do

Give information about how you are feeling and what you have done to stay healthy. Also give your doctor information about how your condition is affecting your every day life, and what your concerns are.

Listen and Learn. Listen carefully to your health care providers and learn all you can from them about your condition and what you can do to be healthy.

Ask your doctors the questions you have about your health.
If you do not understand what you are being told, let the professional know, and ask them to explain it in a different way.

Decide. At every visit with a health care professional, decisions need to be made about what to do next. Make sure that you play an active role in the decision making, since, at 18, you are the one who must agree to the plan of care.

Do. Do your part in following the plan!

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