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How to Have a Good Interview

39257472_sPlan Ahead

Pick out an outfit in advance, try it on to make sure it works, and then be sure it is cleaned and pressed. Imagine putting on an outfit you hardly ever wear with just an hour before your interview and discovering that it no longer fits! Some people do not think about what they are going to wear until the morning of the interview. Then they scramble to find something that is clean, and doesn’t look wrinkled,

The 30-Second Check Before the Interview

Susan Bixler, author of The Professional Image, recommends you do a 30-second check in front of a mirror before any interview. A detail check will help you to concentrate on the interview. You will not need to wonder about a broken zipper, lunch stains, or a run in a stocking.

Start from the top of your body and work down. Look at your hair and teeth, and for girls, makeup and earrings. Check for dandruff, stains, and open buttons. Then check belt, zipper, stockings, and shoes.

An interviewer will notice what people are wearing to learn about their interest in the job as well as their personality.

Unusual Jewelry
If you wear jewelry it should not be flashy.

Unusual Style
Wearing a wild outfit can work against you when an employer is looking for someone who will fit in.

Wheelchair Users
If you use a wheelchair, mobility aid or some other device, be sure it is clean and working.

You should not wear strong aftershave or perfume. Hair should be cleaned and combed and out of your face.

Pay Attention

During an interview, a job seeker must learn to be an active listener, pay attention, and ask good questions. You should show respect to the employer, answer clearly, and keep your enthusiasm high. An applicant must have good posture and maintain eye contact. Shake hands, using one firm squeeze and making good eye contact.


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