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Interview Preparation

Are You Ready for Your Interview?

The hiring interview is the most important step in the hiring process.

A job interview usually lasts only between 20 – 60 minutes. In this short time, you must convince the interviewer not only that you are qualified, but that you will be a great addition to the business. If you have noticeable disabilities, this requires not only a good appearance, but being able to overcome any unfair reactions to your disability.

There are a number of skills to consider. Let’s review a few key ones in the next pages: preparation, appearance, presentation, answering questions, asking questions.

Asking your age is legal when younger people interview. An employer must confirm that a student is old enough to work; students of certain ages only work allowable hours.

Here is an example of a poor interview. While you watch, make a list about the many mistakes this job seeker made!


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