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Be Prepared

Get your health diary or a notebook and write down some of the questions that you have about your condition and about how to stay healthy. Keep this notebook with you and add questions as they occur to you.

And the next time you see your doctor, take these questions with you and ASK! Doctors want their patients to have the information they need to be healthy. And they are happy when their patients take the time to think about their questions ahead of time, and bring written questions with them to their visits.

Some doctors let their patients send questions to them in an e-mail and respond the same way. Find out if any of your doctors use e-mail.

What if I Don’t Understand? Click the Play Arrow to listen to Dr. Julie.

It can be hard to understand what a doctor tells you. Sometimes they use words you don’t really understand OR talk too fast OR give you too much information at one time. Sometimes they don’t really answer the question you asked. And you might want them to give you something to read, rather than give you a lecture.
Doctors really do want their young adult patients to have the information they need to be healthy. Therefore, you need to let them know when you don’t really understand what they are talking about. If you don’t understand, you might say:
– Please tell me more about that.
– Could you explain that to me again?
– Could you write that down for me?
– Is there something you can give me to read?

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