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Reaching Goals

The best way to get many of those things you want from life is to save money for them. Savings means to put your money away and not touch it until you are ready to use it. Many people save their money in a bank.

You can save for different reasons.

One is for an emergency – if you were ill or in an accident and could not work but still needed to pay your rent and buy food.

Or, if something important broke and you had to repair it, and it costs a lot to fix – like a house or car repair.

Kinds of Savings Accounts

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Deposit and withdraw whenever you want. You earn interest, but it is small and you might need a minimum (at least a certain amount) to have the account. 

Usually you need at least $500 to start. You earn more interest than a regular savings, but you cannot touch your money for a certain amount of time, usually at least six months. If you take your money early, there is a penalty. 

These pay interest that is usually more than regular savings, but it can change up or down. Usually there is a large amount you need to start. You can also write a couple of checks a month in most of these type of accounts. 

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