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FYI Transition

Learn about life after graduating school. 


Fire Safety

Fire safety involves knowing how to keep safe so fire doesn’t start, and also knowing what to do in case of a fire.


One of the more important rooms of your home is also a complicated one – the kitchen. Healthy eating requires good cooking practices. And to cook well, you need to learn how to use kitchen appliances safely and effectively. Some tips are below. To learn more, hover over each and the box will flip. These Read More »

Types of Homes

Usually, a house has a private yard and is in a neighborhood of houses. An apartment is usually smaller and you have to share common space outside with others. But because homes are often bigger, you will probably have roommates. You can also share an apartment, but you don’t have to share a smaller one. Read More »

Affording Where You Live

What does afford mean? It means having enough money to pay for everything it costs to live there. That includes all your bills, the rent, and the cost of other things like traveling. What is affordable housing? Affordable housing is a phrase that means the government or others try to make housing available to those Read More »


What does ACCESSIBILITY mean? Accessible means that you will be able to get around in your home and neighborhood without facing obstacles such as stairs, doorways you cannot get though, or curbs. Sometimes, there are lots of things in towns or cities that can prevent people from entering or getting to where they want to Read More »

What Is a Home?

IS A HOME THE SAME AS A GROUP HOME OR RESIDENTIAL FACILITY? It is important for people who have a disability to know that a home and a facility for residential living, such as a “group home,” are not necessarily the same thing.

Choosing a Place to Live

What are the key questions to think about? There are at least four things to think about: 1. Where do I want to live?  2. Whom do I want to live with?  3. What kind of home, neighborhood and community would I enjoy?  4. What lifestyle do I prefer?

Deciding on a Neighborhood

When deciding where to live, a good place to start is thinking about neighborhoods. A neighborhood is a small community tied together by geography, people, shared building styles or something else such as values or attitudes. By thinking about what an ideal neighborhood for you would look like, you can create a vision to guide Read More »

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