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FYITransition is getting a makeover!
A completely updated site is being constructed based on a new platform with new and expanded content. Completion date is targeted for September, 2021.


Success stories, who can help, social security, and more.


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Hi, this is Mark. This is a web site for students to explore ideas about transition from school and getting a job. Click on any of the links at any time to learn about a topic. To start, try clicking on Kate , and she will introduce you to transition and show you a brief movie about other students with disabilities who got jobs.

Thinking about life after graduation?

We can help!!

Explore the links here to find out more about
different kinds of jobs and how to find them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


There are six courses available – each has two levels to try. You must register at this site first before you select a course.

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