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Job Training

A job consists of lots of tasks, or things to do. An employer will want you to do these tasks in a reasonable amount of time, and the employer will want the tasks done right. Getting things done right requires training and practice. Once you can do this, you will have a “job skill.” Before …

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Developing Social Work Skills

Job success isn’t limited to just getting things done using your skills. It also means you must get along with coworkers. Besides making the workplace pleasant, getting along with others is needed to get help with your work from people in your workplace. Why is getting along with others so important? When workers don’t get …

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Looking Good

How you look can make a difference! When it comes to hiring, making a good impression can be very important in getting a job. This starts with how you look. Looking good doesn’t have to mean you need to be handsome or pretty. it is more about taking care to be sure you look your best. (Our next …

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Answering Interview Questions

The heart of the interview is what the person says to answer specific questions. While it is not a good idea to be completely rehearsed, it is useful to think ahead about questions and be ready to have something to say to them. For example: Tell me about yourself.This is a very common opening question. …

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Avoid Common Interview Mistakes

Top Ten Common Interview Mistakes 10. Failure to learn about the company. Do your homework before the interview; know what the company does. 9. Not taking the interview seriously. A job can change your life, and your interview will decide whether or not you will be considered. 8. Not selling yourself. What makes you different …

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A portfolio is a binder that contains things the employer can look at that describe your work and successes. It can include examples of products that you have worked with in the past.  This works well with jobs such as assembly, crafts or packaging, using pictures of the various materials produced. Or it can be …

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What is self-confidence? It is being sure of yourself and feeling good about how you look and feel. Hiring managers say it is actually confidence that can be the most important thing about you. How do you look confident? According to experts, anyone can look confident to others if they: have good eye contact act …

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Dress for Success

How to Dress for Interviews, Evaluations and Career Fairs Since first impressions can determine a hiring decision, how you present yourself during an interview can make a big difference in getting a job offer. The job seeker should want the interviewer to focus on what you say, and not be distracted by “what you wear.” …

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How to Have a Good Interview

Plan Ahead Pick out an outfit in advance, try it on to make sure it works, and then be sure it is cleaned and pressed. Imagine putting on an outfit you hardly ever wear with just an hour before your interview and discovering that it no longer fits! Some people do not think about what …

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Interview Preparation

Are You Ready for Your Interview? The hiring interview is the most important step in the hiring process. A job interview usually lasts only between 20 – 60 minutes. In this short time, you must convince the interviewer not only that you are qualified, but that you will be a great addition to the business. …

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