Overcoming Obstacles

Team of people facing obstacles

Obstacles are those things that can stop you or slow you down to trying to have the kind of life you want.

There are many kinds of obstacles that can come up, depending on what part of you life you are looking at.
Work obstacles might include hiring discrimination, transportation, few job openings available, or a lack of support from those who work with you.
For any young adult, even your family or friends can slow you down by being too protective of what you want to do. They have probably had to be extra aware of making sure you got the things they felt you needed during your childhood. It is only natural for them to continue to keep acting as your voice, even when you feel ready to do that for yourself.

You might also find that if you are being helped by an agency, that they also can become a potential problem. Agencies are there to help, but they must run by rules, have budgets, and must train their staff on the best ways to provide help. This can be challenging for them with poor funding and not enough staff. 

It is important to understand that you don’t need to solve these problems on your own. A useful way of dealing with obstacles is to have a good team of people who support you. You should have a feeling of trust with these people, and feel secure that you have communicated to them the things you want to say or do. 

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