young man with microphone speaking to his team

Self-advocacy means being able to speak up for yourself and taking steps that you need for yourself or others who might share your goals and obstacles.

  • Two be a self-advocate you need to believe in yourself!
  • You need to know what you are capable of.
  • You must know how to make yourself heard so that things that are barriers can change.

One issue self-advocates express is that they are often offered less that what their rights should be. You should not settle for less, and you should be firm about what it is you should expect.

You need to have a style of advocacy that best fits you. Not everyone is comfortable saying what they need or trying to make a change. If you do better speaking, writing, or just doing something to make your point, you should decide what approach best works for you.

Even though advocacy can be difficult, it is also important to say what you need in a way that can be heard. This means being clear, being polite, and and say exactly what you want to say.

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