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Self-advocacy means being able to speak up for yourself. How do you apply self-advocacy in your life? Believe in yourself! Know what you are capable of. Speak up for yourself and let others know what you need and want. One issue self-advocates express is that they are often offered less that what their rights should …

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Disclosure refers to informing a potential or current employer that you have a disability.  According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the decision to disclose your disability  is a protected right. An employer may not ask you questions that might let them know about your disability before making a job offer. This is also …

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Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles are those things that can stop you from trying or slow you down in having the kind of life you want. There are many kinds of obstacles that can come up. Obstacles for a Job Work obstacles might include hiring discrimination, transportation, few job openings available, or a lack of support from those who …

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Accommodation Needs

A reasonable accommodation is any change to the setting or the way things are usually done so that a person with disabilities can participate to their fullest. It includes where you work, public spaces, or housing. Examples If you cannot get into a store because of stairs. The store should install a ramp. There is …

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Strengths and Preferences

Learning about yourself sounds like a funny idea. Of course you know a lot about yourself! But moving to adult life brings lots of new challenges and changes. Two very important ones are work and home life.  If you are going to live on your own, your need to think a lot about the kind …

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What is Self-Determination

Self-determination is simply the idea that you should be in control of your own life. But what does having life control mean? The answer is not simple. To be able to direct your life, you need several things: The first and most important way to start is: Knowing what you want and need. Once you have …

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